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Shopping Feeds

Recently, I’ve been looking high and low for information like this. I’ve been studying shopping search engines, for personal and professional use. This has some pretty good information I think about shopping feeds and how to rank higher on the shopping search engines.

“The decision to handle the feeds inhouse or to outsource them depends on the availability of IT resources and the skill of your marketing team in optimizing feeds for each engines.”

“Creating a valid feed hinges on matching your product categorization or taxonomy to that of each feed provider. The feed providers often place URLs sent to them into a slot in their taxonomy–in effect, a bin. Your goal is to make sure each of your product pages lands in the bin most likely to be explored by a qualified customer.”

“Just as effective paid search requires monitoring of individual keywords economics, success with the data feeds depends on atomic analysis. Obviously you want to remove chronically underperforming products, and there are times you may want to suppress marginal performers as well.”

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