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Why You Need to Get Aggressive With Your Digital Marketing

Aggressive digital marketing

There is no doubt that there are a lot of components to having a successful web marketing campaign. You have the search component and the user component. You have the SEO component and the content component. You have the organic component and the paid component. And all of these components have their own components that are needed to make them work.

With hundreds of ranking signals being used at any given time (and rarely all at once) it’s enough to make a web marketer get angry. But instead of getting angry, maybe it’s better to just get aggressive!

Authority Matters

When it comes to your success, everything is built on authority. You can optimize pages, but without authority, those pages won’t rank. You can build social profiles, but without authority, your reach will be limited. You can create content, but without authority, even your best content promotion efforts will fall flat.

Authority is the fuel for your web marketing success. How much fuel you need depends on your industry. At the very least, you’ll need enough to get you up to the speed your competitors are moving. But even that isn’t enough. If you want to outperform your competitors, you’ll need to be going faster than them.

How much faster is up to you. But the speed at which you are choosing to move is your level of aggressiveness. Or lack thereof.

Aggressiveness Builds Authority

How aggressive you are with your web marketing will determine whether you’ll be overtaking your competitors (and when) or being over taken by them.

If your competitors are engaging in a moderately aggressive web marketing campaign, say a 5 on a scale of 1-10, operating at a similar level will only allow you to keep up, but it won’t allow you to do any better. You’ll need to operate at a six or greater if you want to push past these competitors and take away some of their market share. And how much over a level six will determine how quickly you are able to take away market share from them.

Building site authority is done, in part, by taking specific actions. And there are thousands of them. Let’s say you have 1,000 web marketing items that need to be addressed right now. It may be impossible to do all 1,000 all at once, but if you’re only able to get to them at a rate of one or two items more each month than your competitors are–and they got a few year’s head start–it’ll be a while before you catch them. Less if you’re hitting six or ten items more than them each month.

Of course, web marketing isn’t just about specific tasks, but you get the idea. If you’re not investing enough into your web marketing you’re falling behind. But don’t get angry, get aggressive. If what you’re doing isn’t working for you, it’s definitely working for your competition. It’s up to you if you want to be at the end of the pack or out in front. And it all comes down to whether or not you’re willing to get aggressive with your web marketing efforts.

Stoney G deGeyter

Stoney deGeyter is the author of The Best Damn Web Marketing Checklist, Period!. He is the founder and CEO of Pole Position Marketing, a web presence optimization firm whose pit crew has been velocitizing websites since 1998. In his free time Stoney gets involved in community services and ministries with his “bride enjoy” and his children. Read Stoney’s full bio.

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