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Web Marketing Isn’t Won on Feelings, So Drop the ‘Tude

Web Marketing Emotions

Every business owner is invested in the success of his business and therefore, by extension, the success of their web marketing campaign. But quite often those business owners focus on all the wrong things. There may be a thrill in having a top search rankings for your keywords, there is just as often a far less joyous feeling when those rankings fail to materialize.

That emotional feeling of success or failure should never replace actual data. Because, it may just be a feeling and nothing more.

Imagine that as you’ve been monitoring your search engine rankings you’ve noticed a slow, steady drop. You were okay with it for a while but now you’re way down the page and you are becoming alarmed. You call up your marketing agency and make sure they know about your displeasure.

If your web marketer lets you run the campaign on emotion, they might immediately get to work to get those rankings back. Gotta please the boss, right? But unless someone is paying attention, those loss in rankings may actually be resulting in better conversion rates. It’s not so far fetched.

That may not always be the case, but the point is, web marketing decisions can’t be made on emotion. Rankings are a metric, for sure, but they provide more emotional value than business growth value.

Would you rather have top rankings or more sales and profits? Do you want your web marketers to feed your emotions, or feed your bottom line?

Maybe it’s time to drop the ‘tude you get when you’re not successful at the wrong metrics, and instead focus on the metrics that really matter.

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