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Ain’t Nothin’ Free, Even After You’ve Paid For It!

Remember the days before everything was commercialized? You know, when you could pay for a movie and not have to sit and watch advertising on the screen. Or when you pay $60 for a Disneyland pass and didn’t have to have rides brought to you by Energizer and Chevron.

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These are just a couple of examples of corporate sponsorship throughout the rides in Disneyland. I don’t mind the commercialization of their rides in relation to their own products, in fact, that’s expected and is great marketing. Buzz Lightyear has his own ride. Nemo will, too, come Spring 2007. I’ll be going on the Roger Rabbit ride later today or tomorrow.

But why do I need energizer commercials? Don’t Lucas and Disney make enough money? You would think that for $60 we could enjoy a commercial free environment for a day. Sigh.

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