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Arbitrage – Hot Topic of the Day

Slimy Targeting

The topic of the day in my never-ending-quest to learn new stuff seems to be arbitrage. Since not everybody is an expert, I thought it would be helpful to post a definition of arbitrage. As defined by dictionary.com: “ar•bi•trage (är’b?-träzh’) n. The purchase of securities on one market for immediate resale on another market in order to profit from a price discrepancy.”

In my effort to learn more about the subject, I searched arbitrage tactic. The #1 result on my SERP was arbitragetactics.com.
I’m appalled at what feels like a “How to use slimy tactics.” Eww. To me it just feels creepy. In a further slime ball tactic move, the ‘date’ field updates itself everyday, making it look as if the page is brand new, posted just today!

They say “there’s so much hype on the internet marketing scene these days” … and they then go on to mock sites trying to sell $47 eBooks. They then go on at the end of their single page site to push their own sale to teach you all there is to know about traffic arbitrage. It’s only $97. However, I reserve the right to increase the price in the future.” Again, eww.

SearchEngineStrategies.com offers conference attendees a session titled “Search Arbitrage Issues” stating some advertisers dislike the idea, feeling it’s unfair or wrong. Some advertisers don’t mind, figuring they’ll take traffic however they can get it. I definitely fall into the first category of advertisers.

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