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Are You Utilizing Google Video Sitemaps Effectively For Your Site?

Google Video SitemapsGoogle recently introduced Google Video Sitemaps, a new tool aimed at making video search more effective for websites. Google already offers users the ability to upload website sitemaps via Google Webmaster Tools. Video Sitemaps allows users to submit a video-specific sitemap with users specifying video files on your site along with relevant meta data essential for SEO.

As search engine optimization continues to transition, sites need more unique content like videos to entice users to click in SERPS. With the advent of universal search, videos will become more and more important to gain rankings and brand exposure. Implementing a video sitemap will help make your videos within your site more searchable for sites like Google Video Search and other video search engines.

Learn to create your unique Video Sitemap or log into Google Webmaster Tools to submit your xml sitemap.

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