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Best Marketing Tools For Any Small Business

Every company is drooling over the concept of digital marketing. It has changed the dynamics of marketing with captivating platforms, tools, and forums. Surprisingly, it is also receiving a great response from the audience since they are cherishing the idea of online buying. After all, who doesn’t like things getting delivered at their doorsteps? 

Therefore, businesses are hunting for tools and platforms to kick off their marketing practices. Alongside increasing its target audience, digital marketing is very budget-friendly. So, opt for tools that improve user experience and provide pertinent information. Are you thinking about which tools? Look below to see the seven best marketing tools for any small business.

Google Analytics 

With the evolving technology, you have to equip yourself with the latest marketing tools and learn the ropes. Google Analytics remains an all-time favorite tool for marketers. Alongside being free of cost, it is helping small businesses in every possible way. It allows you to identify the users visiting your website and how they were able to locate your website. 

At the same time, it gives an option of user segmentation, promoting better advertising practices. It gives you detailed information about the users and whether they like your products or not. Therefore, you have the option to shape your marketing strategy around these rich insights and results, offering favorable returns. 

Moz for Search Engine Optimization 

Every business has optimized its website for the search engine, but do you think it is enough? Of course, not. Your strategy would work when you can take a glance at the results. Moz provides all analysis and metrics about your website, all the information you need about your visitors. It makes different charts for the audience – ‘clicked on your website,’ ‘spent more than 2 minutes’, ‘ones who made a purchase.’

Indeed, the paid version of this tool unmasks many more incredible features. Sometimes, the lack of funds can halt effective marketing practices since paid tools have whooping benefits. Well, you have the option to open a line of credit loan for small business, considering paid marketing tools would do wonders for your business. 

Email Marketing with Mailchimp 

Don’t you think your marketing strategy is incomplete without email marketing? In this technological world, companies need to have a long email list. After all, you can’t miss out on an opportunity for direct marketing. However, there is no point in sending emails until you can determine whether they are beneficial or not. Mailchimp is an amazing tool that gives all stats about your marketing campaign. 

It exposes you to people who open promotional emails, emails that go in the spam folder, and people who unsubscribe the emails. It gives a clear picture to marketers of their customers. Alongside this, it also helps in managing your email list and sending automated emails. So, considering the engagement rate, you have the option to schedule your email beforehand.

Social Media 

Social media is more like a miracle for businesses. Who thought they would be making money by tapping their fingers on the screen? Hence, one shouldn’t underestimate the power of these platforms. Alongside being an ideal way of creating brand awareness, it is very affordable too. However, some businesses struggle with their presence on social media while trying to become the jack of all trades. 

Believe it or not, but handling multiple platforms is not a child’s play. So, how about you look for some social media management tools? Programs like Hootsuite would help you manage all your social forums together.  You can determine strategies and schedule your content postings. Similarly, it would determine the potential returns from every platform, identifying the one that is most beneficial for your business and the one with poor results. 

Design with Easil & Canva 

Marketing strategy always revolves around customers by keeping them engaged with your brand. With the increasing trend of visual content, it has become very important to work on graphic design. Well, Canva and Easil are two very popular designing tools, helping you create high-quality content. It would unmask some fascinating pictures with appealing designs to keep the audience hooked. 

Do you know what the best part is? You can enjoy these tools without any experience in graphic design. It gives you a choice to upload pictures of your offerings, insert catchy quotes, and play with different fonts and colors. Besides, it can also help you create the very popular ‘infographics,’ with appealing templates to cater to the audiences in the best way. 

Buzzsumo for Content Marketing

These days marketing strategies are incomplete without content creation. Do you think every content makes its way to the top results? Of course, not. Some people end up choosing irrelevant topics, while others flood their content with the keywords. Buzzsumo is a tool that helps in devising an effective strategy. Alongside being an amazing research tool, it gives an idea about the trending topics. 

It unmasks content that is providing the best results with an insight into how many people shared it. Besides, it also helps with keyword placement by indicating whether it is placed naturally in your content, or it seems promotional. Honestly, these things have a significant impact on the rankings of your website. 


It is one of the most popular marketing tools due to its ‘all in one’ feature. Surprisingly, this one tool is enough to handle everything, taking marketing to a whole new level. Firstly, it gives every tiny detail about your website – ‘visits,’ ‘leads,’ ‘conversions,’ ‘time spent on the website,’ etc. Thus, helping you devise a relevant marketing strategy. 

Secondly, it holds the bag for managing social media; it performs all routine activities while delivering insights about the performance of platforms. Alongside this, it also facilitates data collection, helping you analyze returns and strategies to boost them. It can work like magic for your business, allowing you to buckle up your marketing game quickly. However, you have to cough up some money for advanced features. 

Final Word 

You are not taking the brand anywhere by chasing those typical marketing strategies. The world is progressing at a fast pace, which means you also have to come with unique, powerful, and competent strategies. At the same time, you have to keep things simple to focus on efficiency. It would become possible when you exploit some amazing tools. Look above to see the best marketing tools for any small business.  

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