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Book Review: No B.S. Business Success

No B.S. Business Success: The Ultimate No Holds Barred Kick Butt Take No Prisoners Tough & Spirited GuideNo B.S. Sales Success: The Ultimate No Holds Barred, Kick Butt, Take No Prisoners, Tough and Spirited Guide
Author: Dan Kennedy
Paperback: 284pages, $9.95
Published: July 2004

No B.S. is an incredible book and one I would highly recommend to any entrepreneur or business owner. Written in plain English, Kennedy’s style is easy to grasp and understand. He avoids a lot of the technical/business speak that bogs many business books down. After reading this you’ll believe that Kennedy is just like you and me… and that you have just as much opportunity for success that he’s had. That’s what makes No B.S. great!

I didn’t find a boring chapter, nor did I find a chapter in which there was nothing to learn. Kennedy outlines what it takes to succeed in business in clear principles that anybody can do, if they set their mind to it. He covers everything from personal determination to how to attract good luck. (Yes, you can attract luck!)

The only chapter that I found less than enlightening and even somewhat ignorant is the chapter on Internet marketing. Of course, this is clearly my own bias as an Internet Marketer. Dan clearly doesn’t understand (and admits as much) the potential for Internet marketing. But even with is own ignorance, Dan approaches that methodically and open to what the Internet can do for business. He’s just an offline marketing guy!

If you read only one business book this year, make it this one. Seriously. After reading it you’ll understand why Kennedy is so successful and you’ll believe know that you can be just as successful if you put your mind and effort to that goal.

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