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Book Review: Persuasive Online Copywriting

Persuasive Online Copywriting
How to Take Your Words to the Bank
by Bryan Eisenberg, Jeffrey Eisenberg, Lisa T. Davis
176 Pages, Paperback, $18.00
Published September, 2002

Persuasive Copywriting is a great companion to Call to Action, also by Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg. Portions of the information in this book were repeated in Action, but that does not make Persuasive any less valuable to web site owners and online marketers alike.

Much like my reading of Call, I have exhausted a highlighter underscoring important sections of information throughout the book. With sections covering writing considerations, techniques and writing for the web medium, Persuasive provides substantial tips and recommendations to make your copy stand out above the rest, and more importantly, be an effective sales tool.

As a bonus, there is an entire 50 page “afterword” all about understanding online conversion, which will help you better understand the conversion process, while providing useful tips on how to improve your site’s conversion rates.

Anyone responsible for the content of their website should read this book and keep it close by. As the author’s state, writing for your website is not a one-time process, but is all about tweaking and testing different formulas. Persuasive makes a great reference manual for the process of getting the most out of your web page content and squeezing out higher conversion rates from your visitors.

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