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Review: Call to Action

Call to Action
Secret Formulas to Improve Online Results
by Bryan Eisenberg & Jeffrey Eisenberg
314 Pages, Hardcover, $17.13
Published May, 2005

I find that when I really like something I can sum up my thoughts in very few words. On the other hand, when I really hate something I can wax eloquent for days. My review of Call to Action can be summed up in a single word: Wow!

Seriously, Wow!.

Dictionary.com defines Wow as: Used to express wonder, amazement, or great pleasure.

That says it all.

I found that I was unable to read more than a few pages a day in order to allow the information to settle in my head. No where else have I found a single collection of more useful information for marketing a website.

I picked up Call to Action at just the right time. I’m in the middle of re-imaging (I love that word!) my web site for better performance and usability. Reading Call to Action brought all the things I already know to the forefront while also providing me new insight and understanding to the total process of making my web site sell. I often found myself putting the book down, firing up the laptop and start making website edits based on what I had just read.

This book is a must-have for anybody who is selling a product or service on the web. I guarantee you’ll wear out at least one highlighter in the process.