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Boston Bomb Scare Marketing Plan

Watch yourself when marketing in todays post 9/11 world. Although many might believe Turner had a great idea for a marketing plan, the bomb squad might not have thought so. Check out the story here. Aren’t these guys cute, looks like a Light Bright picture a preschooler might do, without the middle finger of course.


Max Speed

If the Pole Position Marketing team had a muse—and it does—it would be Max Speed. We love Max’s occasionally off-color, usually amusing and always pointed “Maxisms.” (Maybe “Maxims” would be a better word.) Max gives voice to some of the things we think but, bound by professional decorum, aren’t permitted to say. At least, not out loud.

7 Responses to Boston Bomb Scare Marketing Plan

  1. Someone who commented on this story said /…… “the person who came up with this thing should be fired”. Oh … how they don’t understand marketing. Publicity is good … even when it’s a bomb scare. As long as the fines are not too devastating this was a good marketing stunt.

  2. Katie Cummings says:

    True, they’re getting quite a buzz. Maybe it’s an east cost thing to be so fearful. Personally, I think it’s brilliant. I was rolling while watching the ten o’clock news. I’d be interested in seeing some more examples of this if you can lead me in the right direction.

  3. Chris Gandolfo says:

    Boston is just pissed because they look like idiots on national television. Head over to SFGate.com. To see their reaction. The guys arrested for it in Boston should be paid double what ever they got and Cartoon Network should do a TV commercial campaign when they get out of jail… if Boston lets them out.

    As great as this marketing “stunt” is, it also highlights a serious flaw in security. I mean these things were up for 3 weeks!

  4. Nathania Johnson says:

    The Cartoon Network is getting a ton of press from this, and they probably never thought they would get this much earned media from this marketing campaign. Citizens of big cities are used to wild and wacky advertising stunts, this doesn’t even come close to many of the more zany ones. It’s Boston who goofed here – not Turner. How come none of the other cities where these displays were placed feared terrorism?

  5. Sarah Ng says:

    It’s ridiculous how much they cost! People are better off buying a light bright and making their own character.