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Click Fraud Protection

A Cannadian search engine, Search for it has added a handy little tool to their arsenal. Search For It has “developed their own fraud-prevention technology for their advertisers.”

“Click fraud is an elusive problem for advertisers, and even industry experts disagree on the extent of the problem. Studies estimate that click fraud accounts for anywhere from 10 percent to 30 percent of all clicks.”

They call it “Fraud Print” and it runs a series of tests on the user’s computer’s electronic “fingerprint” to try to determine if the click was legitimate or not.

“Some advertisers have noticed a greater return on investment than before Fraud Print was implemented, Thaler said. The technology also benefits Search for It, he said, by ‘creating a situation in which our advertisers look to continue to replenish their account balance.’ “

I think that’s a pretty neat tool, especially since people are seeing better ROI.

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