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Code Bloat Police

I don’t mean to be the code bloat police, but sometimes somebody has to be. Below is a screen capture of the code for a web page I ran across.

Code Bloat

which displayed exactly this:


By looking at it, this code appears to be developed with the help of our good friends on the MS Word development team at Microsoft. In total, it is 3108 characters in length. Here is my recreation, which displays the EXACT same thing, right down to the font size and placement.

How much code did my version take? 441 characters in the HTML:


and 57 characters in the stylesheet:


for a total of 498 downloaded characters, an 84% reduction in page size.

I know the MS Word team isn’t as Internet savvy as those in the web unit at Microsoft, but please. Talk about taking the path of most resistance!

Just FYI: if you ever thought you might build yourself a web page with any Microsoft Product (with the grudging exception of MS FrontPage), do yourself a favor and don’t do it. If you don’t care enough to spend a bit of money on your business website then you most likely don’t have anything worth contributing anyway.

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