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SEO Cold Calling For Dummies

I just got a call today from MainStreetHost.com telling me I don’t know the first thing about SEO. After 11 years in the industry, this was news to me. Of course I was just one of many cold-calls they made and I’m sure they didn’t know they were talking to an SEO firm (so much for targeting your audience), so I let them proceed to tell me all the things they believed were wrong with my site.

They started off telling me that my website doesn’t meet Google and Yahoo’s guidelines. When I asked what those were I was transferred to the “research” department.

I spoke with a nice woman that proceeded to talk to me about meta tags and what information should be in them. She told me my title only showed my company name (apparently they missed the “Professional Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Solutions” that the title actually reads) so I asked her to show me. She walked me through how to view source and find the title.

I honestly don’t know what she was looking at but it wasn’t my title. Or my description or keywords. I asked for a screenshot of what she was looking at but lost my opportunity when I finally disclosed that I was an SEO company.

That’s when I was told I didn’t know the first thing about SEO.

But I learned something today. It seems that, according to her the book SEO for Dummies says title tag isn’t supposed to be a sentence. Never heard that one before, but perhaps its telling that she is referencing a book meant for SEO idiots.

After she hung up because I was being unreasonable in trying to explain how title tags were supposed to work, I visited their website. Maybe there’s something to this whole title tag business. Afterall, according to their home page they can get me ranked on AllTheWeb, HotBot, WebCrawler and Excite! Cutting edge stuff here folks!

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