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Are Your Visitors “Connecting” With Your Content?

Content engagement is vital to a blogging strategy.

So you have people coming to your website or your blog and reading your content. Great, right? Getting eyeballs on the content is the first step, but that’s just not enough.

Having great content means more than just making sure it gets read. It has to make a connection with your readers. In fact, your content is a device to build engagement with your audience. If your content isn’t fostering engagement, it’s failing. [Tweet This]

What is it that gets your audience engaged? What provokes thought, generates passion, and solicits comments? When you know that, then you can produce content designed to really draw your audience in. Use your content to challenge them to take action, whether that means they add their own thoughts and ideas to the mix or take a specific desired next step.

If you have your target audience in mind as you develop content, you are in a better position to write about their passions. You can target different segments and groups of your audience, honing in on what resonates with each.

Don’t be afraid to stir up disagreement. Anything thought provoking is going to rub some people the wrong way. If you have no naysayers, chances are you’re not writing much worth saying. Sometimes those naysayers on one piece of content become your best engagers and evangelists of other content you produce.

It’s not about trying to become “that guy” that just writes things to stir crap up, but about writing what generates passion and action in others. Be the authority so you can stand behind what you say, but make sure you leave enough room for others to have something to say themselves.

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