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Content for Flash, Headlines and Keyword Localization

Flash Content

While flash files can now be optimized for the search engines it’s still a good idea not to place optimized text within flash content. Search engines are getting better about reading flash text, but you still lose out on usage of many of the important text weighting elements when using any kind of text other than pure HTML.

Headlines & Sub-Heads

In your optimized content you want to be sure to use headlines and sub-heads throughout the page. Each page should have a main headline, and where possible, one or more sub-headlines. While it’s no magic bullet, these elements allow you to weight text areas appropriately giving the search engines more to consider than a page with nothing more than straight text. Headings, when used properly can also be effective at helping your visitor to quickly scan through the page and find what is most important to them.


If you are optimizing for keywords for your local / geographical area, be sure to use the relevant geographic words within the text. Don’t go overboard by stuffing your city name before every keyword phrase, but work them in as subtly as possible so that your localized content reads naturally and appropriately.

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