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One thing I like about Google is the personalized home page. On mine, I have the “Quote of the Day”, “Reuters Oddly Enough” movie show times, the weather both in Reno, NV and Portland, OR and the “Word of the Day” (today’s word is predilection).

I also have a “‘How to’ of the Day”. One of today’s “How To”s was “How to Write Successfully for the Web“.

I thought this article was very interesting as it mainly focused on how to write short sentences with lots of pizzazz.

“Keep it short. Get and keep the attention of web readers by delivering short messages. You put effort into gaining your web reader’s attention; now make their click worthwhile with brief compelling copy in bite sizes.”

“Make your title sizzle. Dull titles will not capture your readers’ interest. It will make your article fade into the sea of other boring articles listed in article banks these days.”

This is because the average person’s attention span on the internet is very short. Like now for instance, you may not have gotten this far in the article, however if you just read that and let out a slight giggle, then congratulations on breaking the mold!

And speaking of how to write the content for a web site, don’t forget about the title tags which are very important for rankings.

“The title tag helps the search engines decide the topic and theme of the web page being crawled for indexing. When a search for keywords is conducted, the title tag is given heavy consideration by all search engine algorithms.”

Besides an online manual of how to write content for the web, WikiHow and eHow are both great resources to find out about other elements on the web. I love it.

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