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Copywriter Tip- If It's Worth Saying Once, It's Worth Saying Again And Again And Again

Do you ever believe something the first time you read it? Probably not. The mind plays tricks on people. If you see something repeated over and over throughout an article or ad, you’re more inclined to believe it.

Repetition is your friend. Say it with me: repetition is your friend. You’ve spent hours crafting a piece of writing. You’re sure it says what it needs to say. You’ve read it and re-read it. You could almost recite it in your sleep.

Your prospective client will only read it once. So your job is to make sure they get your message. The best way to do this is to repeat yourself. Don’t nag, tell them what you’re going to tell them, then tell them what it is, and lastly tell them what you just told them.

Now they’ll remember.

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