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Team Reading List 5.1.07

Today’s list is brought to you by the letters P, P and M.

Making Link Bait and Viral Marketing Work – Part Four

Combine Your Search Marketing Efforts – some interesting stats for running PPC and SEO campaigns simultaneously.

How to Use the Simple Power of Contrast to Become More Persuasive

Can You Stop People From Cheating Digg? – People try to cheat Digg? Say it isn’t so.

Google Hell? – We don’t request reciprocal links, but I found it interesting that people are now forwarding them to Google to report as spam.

You’ve got gadget mail – Google changes Personalized Homepage to iGoogle. iThink Steve Jobs might have a problem with that.

Five Blunders with Social News and Bookmarking

The 10 Commandments of Search – hat tip to Jennifer Laycock

Don’t Overlook Reviews in Your Social Media Strategy

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