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Copywriter Tip- Make Memorable Copy

Use compelling headlines saturated in descriptive language. This can amplify search engine optimization when similar words surround the key phrase.

People will remember your message if you use colorful language, not the language you use when someone rear ends you, but unique terms that make your product sound tasteful or useful. Make them want it with their senses by using as many of the five senses as you can to describe the product or service.

Make it lively, Instead of just listing spaghetti and meat balls on your menu, describe the steaming plate, the rich color of the sauce contrasted with the light strings of freshly made pasta and flecks of aged, grated Parmesan… Let them smell it. In a previous life as a copywriter, writer Fay Weldon encouraged people to, “go to work on an egg.”

Make an impression. It’ll help you make a sale. How would you sell an egg?

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