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Copywriter Tip- Take Action

Websites have one purpose and that’s to sell, to move people to action, to make money. In today’s high-tech world, most copywriting found on websites neglects this vital fact and these sites don’t perform as good as they could.

Make Them Have to Pee
Build up excitement, enthusiasm, passion, and most importantly urgency. Get the reader to take the desired action now! Enthusiasm sells!

In today’s overcrowded environment of spam, it’s not enough to just say “enter your email address for our newsletter.” Make a great offer, including special reports and bonuses, in addition to the newsletter to get the maximum number of sign ups. Tell the reader what they are missing if they don’t take action. Fear of loss is a great motivator.

The Four Letter Word
Use everyone’s favorite four letter word – FREE! If the word free is used, people will look closer no matter what the product or service is.

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