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Copywriter Tip- What's It Matter In The End

Features are nice, but outlining benefits and end results make the sale. They explain why the customer will be better off after buying your product or using your service. The biggest selling factor in copywriting is showing the customer what they can do with a product or service.

Take a tip from the infamous infomercial!

They don’t simply tell you that a rotisserie cooker rotates as it cooks a chicken. No sh#t! They tell you that this fantastic rotisserie cooker can bake a whole, Italian herb chicken that comes out in less than 30 minutes, moist and succulent as the seasonings slowly seep into the meat so you get bite after tender bite of flavorful chicken so good you’ll beg for more. You’re buying it because it can deliver that wonderful marinated, Italian herb chicken.

Not life insurance, but peace of mind. Not property investment portfolio, private schooling for the kids, foreign holidays, no more 9-to-5 grind.

The best example of this is the number of companies selling sex. No, not literally, but they’re selling the assurance of sex. Body spray, gets sex. Sports car, sex. Everybody’s selling an ideology not just a product.

So what are you selling?

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