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Cover the Earth, A Marketing Campaign Gone Wrong

Sherwin WilliamsFile this one under the “It’s Probably Just Me” category, but does anybody else have a problem with the Sherwin Williams logo and tag line? I first saw this a couple of years ago and was immediately appalled. Who in their right mind would want to “cover the earth” in paint?

I can only imagine that this logo and tag line was developed by some corporate executives who have never set foot outside of a major city, experienced the natural outdoors or watched the sun set. Does Sherwin Williams really want to see mountainsides covered in red paint, trees painted pink or ocean beaches painted purple? Doesn’t “cover the earth” and the accompanying logo tell just that story? It does to me.

This campaign does not seem to have hurt their business any in the past few years, so it looks like it is just me. Unfortunately I have to drive past this everyday on my way to work. I couldn’t take it any longer and just had to say something. IMO, it’s a marketing campaign disaster, but a disaster that never materialized. Though if I had to guess, if the people who developed this campaign were put before Trump on the apprentice, he’d tell them “Your Fired!”

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