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Customer Service: It Ain't that Hard

I hate bad customer service. Providing good customer service is not rocket science. In fact it’s easier than, say, stocking shelves, selling a product or filling an order. So why is good customer service so hard to find when anybody can provide good customer service if the choose to.

The other day I was at a motorcycle shop to pick up part I had ordered. I was told it would only take a couple of days for it to be in but when I didn’t receive a call I dropped on by just in case they forgot. At the counter they tell me the part is on back order. OK, great. Any idea when it will be in? I have to ask this! They call the manufacturer and are told that nobody knows when it will be available. Can I have my money back? I have to ask this too!

So I get my money back but really would have appreciated a call letting me know that the part really won’t be in like they told me and that they have no idea when it’s available. Good customer service would have initiated at least giving me the option of getting my money back. But I’m over it and move on.

I head over to the the motorcycle store next door and see if they might have the part. Now understand that I have a Suzuki and the first store, where I get a lot of my parts is a Honda dealer. No problem, though because these parts are pretty much universal, not specific to any bike. I figure perhaps the Kawasaki dealer next door might have it on the shelf, or at least have a different distributor. But this is the part where customer service really goes south.

The guy in the parts department couldn’t even look the part up on his computer without a) the part number or b) the Kawasaki motorcycle that was most similar to my Suzuki. He can only looking parts up by number or bike. WHAT?!!! Ever hear of universal parts and accessories?

I just turned and walked out. Customer service is a pretty simple process for anyone who doesn’t mind getting off their butt and work once in a while. At least give it the old college try!

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