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Designing a Money-Making Website

Designing a website is relatively easy. Designing a good looking website requires artistic talent. Designing a money-making website requires a combination of artistic, technical and marketing related skills. Any one of these components without the other two will prevent a website from reaching its fullest potential.

In the early infancy of the Internet, any web page would do. Hey, all you needed was to be online and that was enough to attract visitors. How things change. The Internet today has grown far more sophisticated and has drawn substantially more sophisticated users. No, not all web searchers are web savvy computer geeks; that’s not what I mean. The sophistication lies in what attracts visitors and keeps them interested in what your site offers and what compels your visitors to make that purchase.

Users have expectations of what a website should be, how it should look, what it should do and how it should make them feel. If you can’t meet their expectations, they’ll find someone who will. And as more and more corporations invest heavily into building their web business, those expectations will only grow.

That does not mean that you have to drop tens of thousands of dollars building your website. In fact, many find that meeting expectations of professionalism on the web is not a difficult or expensive task to live up to.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting what will turn into several series of posts on the topic of Designing a Money-Making Web Site. The sub-topics will include:

Building a Professional Website that Achieves Your Goals
Meeting Your Targeted Audience’s Wants and Needs
Avoiding Common Web Design and Marketing Mistakes

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