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Comparing Shops

Anyone can now find anything they could ever want on the internet. If they wanted a sweater, they can find a sweater. If they wanted a TV, they can find a TV. They could even find refried beans if they wanted.

But if you use a shopping comparison search engine, which one will get you the best results?

Well, Grace Aquino of PCWorld Magazine has taken out the guesswork for us by sorting through 20 shopping search engines and picking out the best 9.

“While some of them–NexTag, PriceGrabber, and Yahoo Shopping–are old-timers, others, including Become.com, PriceRunner.com, and Smarter.com, are new to the scene. Still others have undergone recent changes: MSN revamped its shopping channel, Shopping.com is now an eBay company, and Shopzilla is the new name for BizRate.com.”

Aquino has done her research too, listing what engine is better for cheapskates, research lovers, and the best overall.

“To test each site’s price-comparison prowess, I searched for Canon’s PowerShot SD550 digital camera, Maxtor’s OneTouch II 300GB external hard drive, and Pioneer’s DVR-633H-S DVD player/ recorder. I also looked at each site’s organization, interface, and extras. “

Plus, she also gives tips at the end on how to “keep your wallet safe and full”. This is a pretty helpful article for those who are into this kind of shopping online.

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