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Don't Put Important Text Within Images

Website designers often like to utilize images when laying out a website. A good designer knows when to use an image and when not to, but some fall into the trap of trying to control the appearance of a site too much. When valuable text is placed within an image, the designer has ultimate control as to how the web page will be presented to the visitor on virtually any browser and operating system. Unfortunately, this kind of control is extremely limiting to the search engines.

Search engines rank sites largely based on the text that they read on the pages. If that text is in an image, then it is unreadable to the engines. The engines then have no way of knowing what your site is about or what search phrases it is relevant for, leaving you unable to achieve search engine positions for relevant keyword phrases. It’s okay to use images for text that is irrelevant for search engine placement, but if it’s good quality content, keep it out of the graphics altogether.

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