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Dynamic Keyword Research – Keeping Your Online Marketing Aligned With the Rest of the World

Last time, we talked about a revolutionary tool in keyword research called Google Insights for Search that allows you to gain competitive advantages by doing dynamic keyword research instead of static keyword research. Static keyword research is using a keyword tool to get volume “numbers” at one point in time and then using that data to perform long-term marketing campaigns. The problem? Things change. Therefore, we need to incorporate dynamic keyword research to keep our campaigns aligned with what’s actually happening on the web.

One feature of this tool that allows you to do just that is called “Rising Searches.” These are searches that have experienced significant growth in a given time period, with respect to the preceding time period. It’s where and how things are changing. This is golden information because by the time keyword markets are well established, it’s more of an uphill battle to dominate there. You can clearly see how the benefits you get from positioning yourself at the forefront of web search interest trends are huge. Insights for Search is a great place to look to make that happen.

So, you look at the volume of a keyword theme and you are given up to 10 rising searches in this market. This should immediately give you insights; whether it’s competitor’s names, a feature, a benefit or hopefully YOUR company name! You can immediately ask why? and gain intelligence that could help guide future decisions regarding all aspects of your business.

Let’s take an easy example from the past. In the chart below, we are shown the search volume over time of the keyword “emr” (short for electronic medical records). In just looking at the graph, we see a pretty consistent trend…


But, look at what we find in the rising searches column.


#1 is “ipad emr.”  It was a breakout term.  When you see Breakout listed instead of an actual percentage, it means that the search term has experienced a change in growth greater than 5000%.  This makes a lot of sense since doctors and nurses are acquiring ipads to look up patients medical records at a fast rate.  So, for those companies that offer EMRs, did they know that ipads were going to be used as a main emr tool?  Did they know fast enough to be one of the first to offer the app?  If they were, did they incorporate this keyword phrase into their online marketing campaigns?  Did they use SEO, PPC, content creation, etc. to attract these prospects before their competitors did?

And now, look at how things have changed when comparing this year to last year…



Looks like now there’s more of an “incentive” for using an emr, or at least more of an interest in it.  Are searchers coming to you to find out what that is?  Is that a part of your keyword strategy?

From this simple example, you can see how being at the forefront of dynamic keyword research at the appropriate time would have been a big advantage for a company in the emr market, keeping them ahead of the curve before it was too late.  Part of dominating the search game is taking advantage of the long-tail of keyword themes.  Keeping your eyes on rising searches can give you the intelligence to do it.

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