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Explaining the Google Sitemap Tool

For people like Stephen Brennan, new web tools can be a hassle. Learning how to use them, trying to read the instructions written by skinny, lonely “computer nerds”, and then learning how to integrate the information you got from the new tool into your site. Well fear no more if you are one of these people because Mr. Brennan has already figured out how the new Google Sitemap tool works and he’s decided to share this new knowledge for the benefit of all in his article, “The Google Sitemap For Idiots.”

“I don’t mind admitting that every time some new fangled idea or piece of technology arrives online, I have a small fit and wonder how long it’s going to take me to understand what it is, what it’s for and whether I need to use it to stay ‘up there’.”

“In their instructions, Google give a few different methods by which you can generate a suitable Sitemap and how to get it onto your server etc. To be honest, I found it totally confusing.”

“My first question was, “What about Sub-Domains?” Do I have to submit separate Sitemaps or will they be included in the one I generate for the Main Domain?”

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