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Problems at Yahoo! Search Marketing

A new thread has started over at Search Engine Watch titled “10 Reasons Yahoo Should Kill Direct Traffic Center”.

this doesn’t appear to be just another angry rant about a search engine, but rather a list of performance weaknesses found in Yahoo! (Overture’s) sponsored search reporting system.

1) DTC (Direct Traffic Center) is excruciatingly slow.

2) DTC reporting is over 24 hours behind

3) DTC requires almost weekly updates *(see #4)

4) DTC updates always make DTC worse * (see #5)

5) DTC updates not only run longer than expected, but DTC will usually not work at all after an “update”

6) Your reps will “all-of-a-sudden” not be there to answer the phone when DTC is down. Are ya listenin M.A. ???

7) You can only create “one-word” categories for organization

8) Deleting keywords and phrases does not always do so …trust me, finding out later that you spent $100 on words you thought you deleted is quite common and highly aggravating …can i get a witness?

9) DTC is a joke with respects to User Interface Design. I have since learned that Yahoo inherited DTC from a previous acquisition. …Know when to fold ’em big guys.

10) Direct Traffic Center is a stupid name …much like Yahoo Search Marketing. Brand managers at Yahoo should be fired.

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