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Facebook Kills Fan Message Updates and Recommends What? Buying Ads.

If you’re a Facebook fan page admin and recently attempted to update your fans via the site’s messaging system, you may have seen this notification:

No more Facebook Fan Page Updates after September 30

On September 30, Facebook will do away with fan message updates, which probably weren’t all that effective anyway. So, what does Facebook suggest that fan page admins use instead?

As of September 30th you’ll no longer be able to send an update to fans using Facebook Messages. We want you to connect with your audience in the most effective ways possible, and updates that go to Facebook Messages may end up unseen in the “Other” folder.

Here are other ways you can expand your reach:

  • Post content on your page Wall so people see your updates in their news feed. You can target your posts by location or language by choosing Customize from the audience selector dropdown before you post.
  • Consider using targeted Facebook Ads or Sponsored Stories to help grow and highlight your message within the Facebook experience.

Paid ads and sponsored stories! A great suggestion to bolster a company and, by extension, a CEO with “mostly paper net worth.”

While researching this change, I stumbled across a Forbes interview with Vivek Wadhwa, tech entrepreneur, academic, researcher and writer. He predicts Facebook will look like MySpace in two years when the next tech bubble breaks. How many ads will Facebook have to sell to forestall this prognostication?

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