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Final Lap: Winning Web Marketing Reads–May 2014

A Weekly Review of Web Marketing ArticlesIt’s hard to keep up on the latest thought leadership, ideas, trends and news in the web marketing industry, which is why we bring you the Final Lap. Each member of Pole Position Marketing Pit Crew, and the office alter ego, Max Speed, bring you their winning article to help your business.

Topics include SEO, paid search, usability, link building, local search, content marketing, social media and other areas of marketing and business. Plus, you’ll find articles that have earned “honorable mentions” and are also worth a read. Enjoy and feel free to comment with your winning articles.

The Winner’s Circle

Stoney deGeyter, Lead SEO & CEO

  • Is SEO The Future? No, And Here’s Why, by Duane Forrester
    Three of the four articles that made the final lap from me are Bing related. That wasn’t intentional. Each of these was selected over the course of the month and they are what most stood out to me of all the blog posts I read. Ultimately, the above linked article won because as an SEO strategist, I’ve been trying to tell my clients for years that SEO isn’t the answer to the ranking problem. It’s part of the answer, but there is so much more necessary. That’s why we no longer bill ourselves as an SEO company but a Web Presence Optimization company.

Mike Fleming, Marketing Campaign & PPC Strategist

  • AdWords Dynamic Parameters: A Sneaky Way to Double Your CTR, by Jaclyn Jordan – There are many scenarios where changing ad text quickly is imperative for success.  Since this can be time-consuming and the ad review process can take up to 24 hours, this can be impossible to make sure it’s done most effectively.  This is where dynamic parameters come in…

Annalisa Hilliard, Local SEO & Social Community Strategist

  • Local SEO Victory in 5 Minutes a Day: Doable Baby Steps, by Phil Rozek – Local SMB’s (small and medium businesses) often have a SMB (small to medium sized budget). This often limits them to doing their online marketing in-house. Whoever is given charge of implementation may be hesitant because they lack knowledge in this area. However, there are achievable tasks that can help a business perform better in local search, and it doesn’t take a wealth of web marketing knowledge to complete them. Phil outlines the basics for setting a firm Local SEO foundation.

Kathy Gray, Social Media Marketing Strategist

  • Are You Wasting Your Time on Twitter? Four Ways to Make It Count, by Sonja Jobson
    “To make money from your Twitter marketing efforts, you must have a solid website to send followers to and make offers on.” This statement is so true and applies to all other social networks. Sonja gives some great tips to make your Twitter marketing more effective, but think about how these concepts could be applied on other networks as well. Effective social media requires thought and planning.

Honorable Mentions

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