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Final Lap: Great Reads for the Week Ending Sept. 13

A Weekly Review of Web Marketing ArticlesSeveral members of the PPM Pit Crew were up in Cleveland earlier this week for SEMCLE+’s local search event with David Mihm. I bummed a ride and tried to stalk research where William Shatner was staying for his Content Marketing World appearance. I came up empty handed. I went to all of the likely downtown hotels. No one registered under Shatner or Kirk. #fail

If you didn’t get to see Shatner’s keynote at Content Marketing World, Kapost has a great post with three marketing lessons from his presentation. Even if you’re not interested in the marketing lessons (which you should be), the post also includes three fun Capt. Kirk gifs.

Here’s what the rest of the pit crew has been reading this week:

  • 150 Blog Posts in 50 Days: Why Were Marketers Mad? by McKay Allen
    Log My Calls recently tried a content marketing experiment. They created and posted 150 blog posts in 50 days on their blog. The results? Pretty impressive increases in organic traffic, referral traffic and leads. While there were many marketers who praised them for their work, there were others that were skeptical to downright mad. What do you think?
  • Measure & Optimize for Offline Sales with AdWords Conversion Import by Google Inside AdWords
    There’s never been an easy way to tie offline conversion value to your online marketing channels.  But, now you can with this new feature from AdWords.  This article details how to take sales data and import it into AdWords to better optimize for what truly matters to your business.
  • 4 Thank You Page Examples That Got it Right by Chelsea Adams
    Most likely you have at least one thank you page on your website, but are you getting the most out of that page? Take a look at these four examples of thank you pages that compel users to stay engaged with your business just a little bit longer.
  • Introducing Buffer for LinkedIn Company Pages by Leo Widrich
    Annalisa and Kathy have been testing posting to Twitter through the free version of Buffer for a few months. Last month they added support for Google+ business pages and now they’ve added LinkedIn company page support. This was the tipping point for us and we’ve decided to test Buffer vs. Hootsuite over the next month. We’ve been longtime Hootsuite fans, but the ease of scheduling at targeted times with Buffer is very enticing. Stay tuned in Oct. for our results.
  • The CULT of INFLUENCE: Developing Your Authority To Become An Influencer by Mark Acsay
    To influence people, you need authority. The online world is ripe for sharing and exchanging ideas, but what’s the best platform–blogging, social media, forums? In this post, Mark gives some great ideas and resources to get you started and move you through the process. Just remember: “There’s no quick way of doing this.
  • Building an Awesome Content Team to Drive Links to Your Website by Matthew Barby
    Matthew explains why having a content team is the foundation of creating great content. You probably think it will cost you a lot of money to acquire a team, but, he isn’t talking about having an in-house team. He suggests building relationships with other bloggers within your niche, as well as having some freelance writers contribute regularly. Check out his post for more details.
  • Google+ Matters for SEO Campaigns, eh! by Jim Rudnick
    A few more tidbits of information on how Google+ can have an impact on SEO.

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