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Final Lap: Top Reads for Week Ending March 8

A Weekly Review of Web Marketing Articles

We were really excited when Disney bought Lucasfilm and along with it the Star Wars franchise—Episodes VII, VIII and IX!—but were confused with seemingly conflicting reports this week. In an article by the Huffington Post, George Lucas revealed that Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher were pretty much a done deal for Episode VII. Carrie Fisher even seemed to confirm it, but alas, this report says she was only joking. The changes coming to Facebook though are no joke. And that’s not all we’ve been reading about this week.

3 More Big PPC Mistakes Even Pros Make & How to Fix Them by @Mel66

Even pros make mistakes with PPC.  Check these out and learn how to fix them.  NOTE:  One of the quotes is mine!!!

Cohort Analysis with Google Analytics by @justincutroni

Want to know how certain segments of visitors to your site behave based on periods of time?  For example, purchasers on a holiday, specific day of the week, etc.  It’s hard to do with Google Analytics, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Facebook Update Gives Users More Control Over News Feed: What Marketers Should Know by @pamelump

Are you prepared for the changes coming to Facebook’s news feed? If you’re a content marketer, you should be.

The Link Building Book A Must Read for Newbie& Experienced SEOs [Review] by @JulieJoyce
We love this thorough review of Paddy Moogan’s new Link Building Book. If you don’t have the book, we suggest you read Julie’s review, and then go buy it. Julie gives a summary section-by-section which is helpful for those looking to get a glance at the content prior to making the purchase.

Maybe You Shouldn’t Hire A SEO For Link Building by @joehall
Joe shares the characteristics of a good link builder. Oftentimes we think link building is just a task of SEO. Joe offers a counter argument, saying that they are not the same and often require a different skill set. Our link builder especially appreciated this post and was relieved she doesn’t have to live in the shadow of our chief SEO. It’s good to recognize the difference between the two disciplines. There are different strengths in each.

Creative Link Building Techniques For A Sustainable Link Strategy by @Koozai_Emma
Emma gives a list of techniques for link building and explains how to use them in a sustainable way so future updates won’t penalize your site. Our personal favorite is using what you already have. Why not update links that are already pointing to your site, whether internal or external? You’ll likely be doing some back link analysis when an update like Penguin happens, so kill two birds with one stone and clean up broken links while you’re at it.

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