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3 Secret Weapons For Startups to Get More Online Customers

Author’s Note: Starting up a new business website can seem like a daunting task. SEO Consultant Sanket Patel offers some secret weapons any new business owner needs to have in their startup arsenal to make their company successful.


Starting any business has always been an interesting and exciting thing, and many goals can compete for your attention. The main thing is to prepare yourself for starting your business and running it successfully. You’re spending time and money to get things done, and there are many tools and tactics that can take you straight away into the game of core business development.

There are plenty of common myths surrounding startups, including PR and content marketing. In this post, we will cover how B2B companies get leads based on their blog. We’ll also provide more insights with eye-catching examples that will surely attract readers.

Content Marketing and PR Go Hand In Hand

A content marketing strategy includes more than just blogging. It’s an authoritative weapon for simplifying the connections between companies and end users. It plays an initial role in the transactions and sales that impact your business’s bottom line.

Effective content will always provide added advantage for your business. Content also includes support with the proper distribution. Public relations is a way to open your brand in the marketplace. If you run your business campaign with the combination of PR + Content, then you surely reach your business goals at the end, in terms of ROI.

According to Neil Patel’s post on quicksprout.com, “Content marketing doesn’t get affected by algorithm updates, while paid SEO does. Search engines can tell when you provide value, and in the long run, that’s the kind of stuff that they want to make sure that stays high in the rankings. So, instead of investing in short-term solutions that may increase your overall rankings and traffic, invest in the long-term solution of content marketing.”

We strongly recommend you to execute this step at an early level of your business startup.

Make Use of Available Business Startup Tools


This is a platform where all marketers and product managers come together and share their ideas to build their startups. These entrepreneurs have technical and business backgrounds, which can help you greatly with your own startup.


Image Source: startupweekend.org

The Startup Weekend team opens with a normal speech on Friday. Participants are allowed to bring their awesome and inspiring ideas and teams are formed accordingly. After this, on Saturday and Sunday, the teams focus on validating their ideas and developing overviews and methodologies of the products. They have a panel of experts who judge the demos and give their feedback.

This community brings lots of strong leaders and entrepreneurs together, which helps each team in their startup efforts.


This tool rocks, if you really want a great startup for your business. You simply have to answer the predefined questions that any business firm provides. In return, you will get set of icons. These icons will provide you with key ideas for your business plan as they contain different business elements, which are simple to understand.


Image Source: cashrevelations.com

At the initial level of your business startup, this tool is highly recommended as it is very effective in getting an overall summary of your business.


This tool is quite impressive in terms of website visibility. If you are in the initial level of your marketing campaign, you should try this effective tool. It shows heat maps where your users navigate on your site. According to the output of the tool, you will be able to define whether your site architecture performs well or not.


Image Source: boxiedesigner.com

What is significant to study is that customers have spheres of influence within their own communities. In addition to writing, bloggers endorse their posts. By getting your company involved, you can quickly build your audience.

For more insights of this wonderful tool, Rae Hoffman has explained very well in detail here.

Quantitative Data Analysis and Measurements

We also have some core ROI issues to discuss. Most of these business strategies must go through data analysis in order to achieve better output. People often want good sales, but don’t know how to track sales. Here are some great insights on analysis.

For example, if you are running an Internet marketing campaign, after deciding the overall budget, you must be aware of the monthly costs and revenue generated at the end. Track where you are getting the best amount of traffic and leads. Make adjustments based on the data that you receive. Do this on a monthly basis by using charts for the data. It will surely help you know what is working, and what isn’t.

Initial startup plays a very crucial role in the success of your business. According to KISSmetrics, execution with the proper steps can always lead to reaching your targeted customers by going in the right direction with your business goals.

Bottom Line: Planning Is The Key To Success

The core message of this post is to help anyone starting up a business that might get mislead or forget the basics. The above factors play a vital role in making any business a success. Execution of these steps can definitely boost any business plan.

We would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions and ideas about business startups.

Author Bio: Sanket Patel is an experienced SEO consultant. He has been in the Internet marketing industry since 2006. He likes to research on the latest methods, tools and techniques of link building, website optimization and affiliate marketing. Follow him on twitter.


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