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Getting to Know Google

Dali Singh talks about his long-term “friendship” with Google and what he has learned from it in his article, “Getting To Know Google” . In it, he explains some of Google’s little tricks and “personality traits” that SEOs can/do use to increase their site traffic and ranking.

“When optimizing the individual pages of your Web site, try to hone in on one or two relevant keywords per Web page. Analyze each page and identify which keyword would be most suitable.”

“To save yourself a lot of hassle, conduct a keyword search relevant to your business and target the Web sites that show up on the first and second pages of Google (weeding out the competition, of course); contact the Web masters of those sites and tell them about your company and find useful ways to compensate them for adding your company’s information on their site.”

“If you run a site that has new content added on a monthly basis (do not overdo it), then eventually the Google “freshbot” will start visiting your site more often and index your new content into the database.”

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