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How Helpful Are Your Help Pages?


Not every site needs an FAQ or an entire section dedicated to helping customers using their product or service. But it’s never a bad thing to provide as much helpful information as possible on your site and figuring out ways to direct your visitors to the content that will help them the most.

Whether it’s on your help pages, about us pages, FAQ pages, navigation or somewhere else, here are some standard links that you might want to consider having available for your visitors (if applicable):

  • User Guides
  • Downloads
  • Contact Us Page
  • About Us Page(s)
  • Technical Data
  • Product Specifications
  • Product Support
  • Resource Library
  • Customer Support

Visitors may be coming to your site for any number of reasons. While we spend a good amount of time trying to create customers, our site also needs to be helpful to those who may already be customers but need some assistance. Add links to the above, or any other helpful tutorials your site offers so any visitor can quickly get what they need and move on.

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