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How to Manage the Costs & Expectations of Digital Marketing

digital marketing costs

There’s often more to a digital marketing proposal than meets the eye. Aside from the actual services being performed, there are two other important aspects to consider:

  1. Cost
  2. Expected results

Those two things weigh differently in people’s minds, but you must consider both before choosing a web marketing partner.

For those who focus on the expected results, price doesn’t matter so much. Their goal is to get the results they want, and they’ll make sure the proposal provides for that. Those who focus on price often just assume the expectations. Unfortunately, those assumptions are rarely correct.

When you shop for price, you only get one thing: The cheapest price. What you usually don’t get is value. Why? Because value costs more!

To keep prices low, service providers–including digital marketers–provide the bare minimum required to make the sale. What they don’t include is what is required to get the results you want!

Those interested in providing value over cost ensure that their proposals are more inclusive to the specific needs of your site.

It’s difficult not to shop based on price. After all, we all have a budget to adhere to. But nothing makes a budget irrelevant like ROI. When you shop by price, you get what you pay for. When you shop by value and expected results, well, that pays for itself.

Checklist of What to Look For In a Digital Marketing Contract

  • Customization. There is no one-size fits all solution.

  • Goals. How can you get the results you want if no one has talked about what your goals are?

  • Aggressiveness. The goals you can achieve are tied directly with how aggressive you are. More aggressive campaigns reach their goals more quickly.

  • Communication. Make sure your digital marketing team returns calls and emails quickly. Oh, and you do the same!

  • Partnership. Successful marketing is a partnership. Neither the agency or you can success flying solo. Work together for the greater good.

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