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How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

Everybody wants to succeed in life but many of us are unwilling to really do what it takes to succeed. In fact, most people love to find ways to “succeed” with the most minimal effort required–hence the millions of dollars poured into the lottery each year. If you are reading this because you thought I’d give you some secrets to succeeding in life and business with little or no effort, well, I apologize for the deception, but that just doesn’t happen.

True success doesn’t come easily but requires patience, determination, hard work and sometimes even personal sacrifice. If you do want to succeed and are willing to put forth the effort, here are seven steps to success in business and in life.

  1. Grow Daily
    Growth is essential to success. Nobody ever moved up without developing themselves personally and professionally. If you’re not willing to improve yourself physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually then you just won’t improve your present situation, whatever that may be.

  2. Value the Process
    Success isn’t always about the destination. In fact, for many of us we will never be quite as successful as we would like. True success isn’t about the destination but rather the process that helps you grow and improve. It’s about the daily path that takes you from where you were yesterday to where you’ll be tomorrow. Stay on that path, continue to learn from the process and you’ll achieve a new measure of success every day.

  3. Don’t Wait for Inspiration
    My writing professor in college told us that we should write daily and not wait for inspiration. This is so true in all areas of life. While inspiration is great when you got it, if we make a habit to wait for inspiration before doing anything then very little would get done. In fact I often find that my inspiration often comes after I start moving forward. Don’t wait for inspiration to strike, but strike inspiration by moving toward your destination!

  4. Be Willing to Pay Now
    There is a saying that says you can pay now or pay later, but you will pay. Kids that don’t want to study in school today often pay a significant price later. There is an inflationary aspect to life, if you pay now you pay a lot less than if you wait to pay later. And if you are willing to pay now, the rewards soon follow.

  5. Don’t Focus on Your Limitations
    Everybody has limitations, but if you spend your time looking at what you can’t do, you’ll never find those things you can. Focus on your goals and do what it takes to reach them. Limitations may block the path but there is always a way around for those willing to look past them to the goal. The paths to success are much harder to find if you do nothing but focus on the limitation in front of you.

  6. Master Your Time
    Time is the one constant in life. Everybody has the same amount of time each day and to be successful that time must be managed efficiently. Time can be wasted and poorly spent, or managed and mastered. Spend each hour of your day deliberately. Don’t let work, leisure, or other peoples problems master your time. Set aside time for everything that is important (including leisure,) but when the time for something is up then its up. You have other important things to do now.

  7. Trade Up, Not Down
    You have to trade many things to succeed. Always make sure you come out ahead. In other words, don’t sacrifice family time to work more while still keeping your TV time. Trade out the lesser important stuff for the more important stuff.

Everybody has a different definition of success. For some it’s money, others its family, and still others it’s being able to retire in style. Your definition may be a combination of these and other things. But whatever success means to you, you have to achieve it deliberately. It won’t just happen. Set your goals and do what it takes to fulfill your dreams. Nobody else will do it for you, so succeed or fail in reaching your destination; it’s up to you.

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