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Igniting Customer Connections Reinforces Importance of Experience and Engagement in Marketing

We discuss Igniting Customer Connections in this Book Review.

A marketing book review of Igniting Customer ConnectionsIgniting Customer Connections: Fire Up Your Company’s Growth By Multiplying Customer Experience & Engagement
Author: Andrew Frawley
Hardcover: 256 pages
Cost: $20.52
Published: October 27. 2014

Igniting Customer Connections, written by Epsilon President and veteran marketer Andy Frawley, introduces a new marketing approach: ROE2. Don’t worry, there is no math test at the end of this book (although for the more technical reader, there is a more in-depth discussion of the math behind the equation, which more or less made my eyes glaze over). The “formula” stands for Return on Experience X Engagement, and it simply means that by improving both experience (how customers feel) and engagement (what customers do), businesses can improve their bottom line results.

While presented as a radically different approach, this really isn’t a new strategy. Countless other books and blogs have touted the virtues of making meaningful customer connections and creating the best possible “user experience.” Many, myself included, would say this isn’t even a strategy but just plain good business.

What this book does do, though, is back up its claims with real data based on research commissioned specifically for this project. With a variety of graphs and tables, as well as interviews with those driving ROE2 strategy at organizations such as Dunkin’ Donuts and JCPenney, Frawley shows how experience and engagement truly impact business outcomes. It is in the interviews in particular where readers may find the most actionable and inspiring ideas in the book.

In addition, Igniting Customer Connections discusses how content, channels, measurement, and technology support the ROE2 approach.

For the true digital marketer who is concerned with building a long-lasting brand, there is nothing earth shattering here. It will most likely confirm what they already know and believe to be true. But for those who are not already focused on customer experience and engagement, this should convince them to jump on the bandwagon.

Julie Graff

As PPM’s Social Content Liaison, Julie Graff is in charge of content and social media strategy for PPM and our clients. A self-proclaimed social media junkie, Julie also enjoys time with family, music, shopping, and mochas. She lives in Canton, Ohio, with her two children and husband.

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