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Typo SEO is a No Go Unless You Know the Flow

Every now and then I hear talk from SEOs about going after typos with their optimization campaign. I don’t want to disregard that as a valid strategy, but there are reasons why I generally don’t do Typo SEO.

1) As a web surfer, I don’t like reading typos on a website. Not all search typos are made because people don’t know how to spell. They can spell just fine, it’s just their fingers hit the wrong keys. Adding these misspellings to your content will only make you look silly and unprofessional.

2) Search engine are pretty good about correcting misspellings with the “Did you mean…” feature. Over the past few months I’ve caught myself making several misspelled searches. If I see I entered my search incorrectly I click the link provided that triggers a search for the proper spelling. I don’t even look at the results.

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