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Why I Don’t Need to Tell You the Importance of Product Reviews and Testimonials

importance of reviews and testimonials

When was the last time you bought a product online without reading reviews first? I could probably rest my case right there. Do you really need any more convincing?

How about this:

Studies show 90% of purchasing decisions are influenced by reviews. That means you only have a 10% chance of making a sale if you don’t post reviews (or testimonials) on your website!

I’m sure you already know that testimonials and reviews provide shoppers with valuable insight into the company they are contemplating doing business with.

And that seeking out testimonials and product reviews from satisfied customers is an important part of effective marketing.

No one needs to tell you that not only do these reviews influence decisions, but they can also influence your ability to get into the search results.

I’m sure you’ve figured out that even negative reviews and testimonials can be valuable. That they are powerful opportunities to show potential customers how you solve known problems and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure every customer is satisfied.

You’re aware that negative reviews lend additional credibility to the positive reviews, because no one really believes that every product gets all 5 stars from every reviewer.  Reviews look fake when they are all 5-star glowing references.

And since you know all this, I don’t really have to convince you to start providing reviews and testimonials on your website.

I’m glad we had this talk.

Checklist for Product Reviews and Testimonials

  • ASK! Make sure you are encouraging your customers to leave reviews and testimonials.

  • Make it easy. Provide multiple opportunities on your site to leave a review. Send customers emails asking them to leave a review, and include a link to the page where they can submit it. If a customer/client sends you a glowing note or email of thanks, ask if you can use their words as a testimonial.

  • Use rich snippets. Using structured data allows your average review score to show up in search results, helping you increase your click through rates (assuming you have good ratings).

  • Don’t limit testimonials to one page. Sprinkle them throughout your site, especially on your home page, about us page, and product/service pages.

  • Make reviews super visible and accessible. Don’t make visitors search for them when on product and service pages…or you may lose them.

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