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Is Influencer Marketing the Future of Marketing [Infographic]


From digital marketers to top brands, everyone has started making the most of influencer marketing. You also see dozens of articles talking about its effectiveness and giving out tips on how to implement it. But why is there such hype about influencer marketing? Several studies have revealed that there’s a good reason why so many marketers and brands are flocking to influencers. Read on to find out more about how influencer marketing impacts all aspects of your performance.

Impacts of influencer marketing

One of the most notable studies on influencer marketing is the one conducted by Augure. The study found that 69% of those who have implemented influencer marketing techniques consider it to be an effective channel for marketing. It also found several interesting facts:

  • Every marketer looks for effective methods to raise the visibility of their brand. Influencer marketing seems to fulfill this need as 93% of those who have used it say it’s effective for raising brand awareness.
  • What good is a marketing channel if it can’t help you attract potential customers? Influencer marketing works to generate more leads for businesses, as witnessed by 75% of marketers who took part in the study.
  • Businesses looking to establish strong, long-term relationships with their customers can rely on influencer marketing. Since you’re sending out your brand message through trusted sources, influencer marketing is considered to be effective for generating customer loyalty by 76% of marketers.

Are there any challenges?

Like any other marketing channel, influencer marketing comes with a few flaws. Marketers may face a number of challenges that can prevent them from launching a successful influencer marketing campaign. Here are some of the biggest challenges as discovered by the Augure study:

  • It’s extremely challenging to identify the right influencers for your brand, and 75% of marketers say it’s the biggest challenge.
  • It’s also challenging to find the right tactics to engage influencers, according to 69% of marketers.
  • In addition to this, 53% say that measuring campaign performance is also one of the biggest challenges.

Considering the benefits of influencer marketing, though, you can understand why some consider it to be the future of marketing. If you’re looking for ways to overcome the challenges, check out this influencer marketing infographic.



Infographic by Shane Barker

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