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Entice More Click Throughs With Super Compelling Title and Description Tags

improve search engine click throughs

A well-written title tag (and meta description) can have far more value than just helping you achieve top search engine rankings. It can help you move visitors from the search results pages onto your site!

While there is a definite benefit to optimizing your title tag and meta descriptions to get rankings, if that’s all they are optimized for, you’ve got what? Top search engine rankings? What’s that worth?

When optimizing, you must go beyond optimizing for rankings (meta descriptions don’t provide any value there anyway) and look at both your title and description tags from the searcher perspective. What will entice them to click your link over the one above or below?

Both your title tags and meta descriptions are what the visitor uses to determine whether or not to click to your site. If you use your tags effectively, you can increase the number of clicks you get from the search results, even if you lose a few ranking positions doing so.

It’s still important to use keywords in your titles and descriptions. But what you need to do is to provide that keyword in a compelling context that demonstrates you have the solution the searchers are looking for. Rankings are your mini-billboards. Use them to get the searcher’s attention, communicate value, and convince them that their needs will be met therein.

If your titles and descriptions do a better job of meeting the searcher’s intent and are more compelling than that of those sites listed around you, you’ll be rewarded with the click.

Optimizing your title tags and meta descriptions for clicks can often get you far more value than optimizing for rankings alone. That’s not to say you shouldn’t consider rankings when optimizing, but understand that rankings alone don’t have value; it’s the clicks that matter.

How to Optimize Title and Description Tags for Clicks

  • Review your keywords to ensure you have a clear picture of visitor intent.

  • Write your tags to match the intent of the search.

  • Write compelling tags that give searchers reason to click your result over others.

  • Ensure your content follows through, giving the visitor exactly what they expected.

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