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Inside Jason’s SEO Toolbox – Search Tools

Everyday I see at least 1 new “SEO Tool” on the web. Generally they are copycats of existing tools as this is an area that SEO’s have beaten to death. Over the years I have encountered thousands of so-called SEO tools most of which are simply of no unique value. Occasionally I do however come across something truly valuable which either simplifies my life or enhances my productivity. If such a tool also proves itself to be useful into the future it is immortalized by gaining entrance into Jason’s SEO Toolbox..

Today I will be sharing 2 of my favorite search tools. These are either search engines which furnish search results in a new and innovative way or search services which enhance or refine the search results of traditional search engines.

Service: Grokker
Description: Grokker is a cool visual clustering search engine with a unique way of presenting search results.
Use: Identification of logical concept ontologies especially in regards to how sub-topics relate to parent topics and the general level of granularity at which various sub-topics exist.
Screen Shot:
[image no longer available]

Service: Quintura Search
Description: A query submitted to Quintura produces a visual map of concepts related to the query. Placement in relation to the query terms reveals conceptual similitude. Quintura then allows you to interact with your query in various ways to refine your search results in real time. For example you can promote, demote, append and expand upon individual search terms to refine the entire query.
Use: Identification of concept spaces and even specialized industry vocabularies.
Screen Shot:
[image no longer available]

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