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Is it Free Help or ROI?

Rand Fishkin and Aaron Wall often amuse me. Here are two of the biggest names in the SEO industry, both responsible for helping businesses improve their business models, conversions, and overall success. But both routinely ask others to help them with their own business models.

No, this isn’t a criticism, just something I find amusing.

Yesterday Aaron posted his thoughts on changing his own business model, specifically whether he should continue to update the SEO book and/or sell it for more money. Good questions for any business to be asking. But even more amusing is Aaron complaining about the “wankers” who simply want stuff for little or no money. Does anybody else see the irony in that?

I commented on Aaron’s post:

I find it Hi-Larious that one who routinely helps people improve their business models is simultaneously complaining about those that want stuff for free while asking for free advice as to what you should do. And people fall for it. Classic.

Yep, Aaron’s gotten dozens of comments giving their $0.02 worth of free advice. You got to hand it to Aaron (and Rand). These guys know how to get what they want from people.

The ability to willingly get others to participate in such requests is a direct reflection of the quality of information these two routinely provide for free themselves. That’s the definition of return on investment.

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