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Job Applicants Who Can't Read

Will Work for FoodLooking for new employees has always been a source of frustration for me. Last Week I posted a job ad on Craigslist for an SEO, or at least someone technologically savvy and passionate enough to become an SEO. The pool of experienced SEOs here in Reno is mighty small so we are always looking for the right person for the job and not necessarily the most qualified person.

But my frustration comes from those who submit their resumes having not read the ad completely. You would think people would take this kind of thing more seriously. So far the ad has produced a handful of legitimate responses, but just as many illegitimate ones as well.

I’ve gotten two from SEO companies in India who think I’m looking to sub work out. I’m not. In fact the ad is clear that this is an in-house position. I got another one from someone who started out his cover letter like this:

I would be interested in learning more about what sort of ideas you have for your website.

Um, hello! Who said anything about working on my website. Ultimately, that would be part of the responsibilities, but I get the impression already that he’s just hawking his services. His letter was signed noting that he was CEO of what appeared to be a web design company. Again, did you read the ad? I think not.

So far, none of the responses I have received have indicated salary requirements. Now I know the game, he who mentions money first loses. And I play it well. But guess what, when I send salary requirements must be included, they MUST be included. I’ll win that game because I’m the one doing the hiring.

It seems inevitable that with any job ad there will be a percentage of junk “applicants”. People who are too lazy to apply properly. Its a shame our workforce is populated these induhviduals!

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