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How to Target Bloggers for Effective Link Building #linksecrets

target bloggersWe all want links from authority websites, but if you’re looking for some quicker wins, you should focus your attention on websites and blogs that are down quite a few tiers.

When you pitch a popular blog, you have a lot of factors working against you:

  • They get pitched a lot so yours might not be read or stand out enough
  • They probably monetize their site and might want compensation
  • Their threshold for great content worth sharing/linking might be higher

Instead, focus on doing some outreach toward sites with a DA in the 15-25 range. You will often get more frequent, positive responses that are receptive to your pitch. Here’s why:

  • They get very little emails in regards to their blog, and your email will be a pleasure to read if it is authentic
  • Their site is probably not monetized, due to low traffic levels, so they won’t be looking for compensation
  • They’ll be interested to hear about how you may be able to help them, and their smaller website, become more popular (you do try to help the websites you pitch, right?)

Focus on targeting blogs with lower domain authority for quick link building wins. [Tweet This]

As you start to collect these lower-tier links, you’ll begin to build up your brand recognition, domain authority and rankings. This should help you get buy-in to work on bigger content assets that allow you to successfully transition your outreach attempts to the more authoritative websites in your niche.

This tip, and 19 more, can be downloaded in one PDF.

Anthony D. Nelson

Anthony D. Nelson

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One Response to How to Target Bloggers for Effective Link Building #linksecrets

  1. Tracy Collingridge says:

    These are great tips. Sometimes we get too hung up on High PR and DA scores, without actually looking at your target blog’s content. To build up your reputation is the main aim you have in Content MArketing. Thanks a lot, Anthony.