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How to Capitalize on Misspelled Links to Your Site #linksecrets

capitalize on misspelled domain linksMany of you have probably noticed that when people are searching for your brand, they have sloppy typing skills and make someĀ embarrassingĀ misspellings. If you’re super forward-thinking, you’ve probably wondered if people are misspelling your brand when they’re linking to you! If you’re a proactive link-hungry PRO, you’ve probably typed a few variations of those misspellings into your favorite backlink tool to see if your hypothesis is correct (go you!).

Misspelled domain link building is certainly no secret. What secret I DO have to share is using a tool from SEOBook that leaves no stone unturned when looking for those misspellings. Yes, you could look at branded terms in Google Analytics, but with the cursed increase in (not provided) data, you might be missing out on other versions of misspellings.

The tool I’m talking about is the Keyword Typo Generator from SEOBook. Others may use this to find misspellings in keywords, but I use it for misspelled domain discovery. To get started, type in your domain, click all of the check boxes, and generate typos. Then take that list of jumbled domains, and check the backlinks to them. To do this all at once, use Majestic’s bulk backlink checker. Find websites that are linking to a misspelled version of your domain for some easy-win backlink reclamation!

Use @SEOBook’s Keyword Typo Generator to capitalize on misspelled links. [tweet this]

For a bonus tip, find old versions of your domain (have you ever had a different TLD? What about acquired domains?) and repeat the process.

This tip, and 19 more, can be downloaded in one PDF.

Emma Still

Emma Still

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