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How to Reach Influencers Through Different Channels #linksecrets

Reach people through channels that are less saturated. Twitter, email, and Facebook are typically saturated, and the chances of getting a response there is very low.

disqus logoHowever, if you follow them in other ways, you can get a response. An example would be their personal blog and their Disqus comments. You can follow someone on Disqus and see all the blog comments they’ve left, and respond to one of them.

Another example would be Google+. If you look at many people’s Google+ posts, most of them have very few comments. If you regularly comment on their posts, you’ll quickly gain their attention, and they’ll want to reciprocate by giving you a link when you ask.

Reach influencers through less saturated channels like Disqus and Google+. [tweet this]

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